The RULE of LU’TA and AT’UL

The RULE of LutA and AtuL Love Unending, Trust Absolute Absolute Truth, Unconditional Love The Kiss of the 2 lips of Demiurge seals the fate of the fiery double headed eagle blinding the dragon with noble gas removing his fangs and leaving him “ToothLess”. All 7 arrows pulled from their sleaves and laid into the […]

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Alchemy of aHAu & IxCHel

H.Au a.H.Au I.S. A u 4 +He I 2 C H.I.S. I.m.Ag.e the I falls to Alta[r]ed states I H who He cast to Rubidium Stone as He now He[r] as I.S.I.S HeCaTe is Throne to the C now salt to the boiling O.cean Phi.cean mists of Love Bonds 2 H and O …. 4 […]

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2.20 A.Maize.King

Greetings Kin Folk and Tribes Men and Sis.Stars … Happy Galactic New Year! First I would like to thank everyone for sharing so much freely and helping me to find words to reflect back.  I would like to express how I have been hoping to post for quite some time and as I sat here […]

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Galactic Mayan Mind Trans.Mission eYe.n.EyE.zat.ion Factor

Galactic Mayan Mind Trans.Mission NS. Midway Stat.ion A.tul7ut.A-Ahau Kin 73-Red Galactic Skywalker I am but “A” Man yet EyE am “A” Vis.ion The Concept.ion of the creat.ion of Populat.ions of eYe-n-eYe.zat.ions thru Revelat.ions of geometric time matrix Real.eYe.zat.ions and Radial Plasmic Activat.ions, Sirian B52 Translat.ions. Nobel Xenon Receiving. Kin’etic Thrusters of Mother Ship Engage. Conciousness […]

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